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 Utilizing and learning AI

Many individuals harbor genuine fears regarding AI for valid reasons. In reality, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has highlighted that approximately 1.1 billion jobs could undergo significant transformations due to technological advancements within the next decade. Additionally, a report from the World Economic Forum predicts that by 2027, automation will encompass 43 percent of work tasks. Given these projections, it becomes evident why individuals should prioritize reskilling and upskilling endeavors while there is still ample time.

It is worth questioning whether the Philippines is dedicating sufficient resources and efforts to foster adult learning and future-ready education. Undoubtedly, if we fail to adequately prepare ourselves, our GDP will inevitably suffer. Persisting with outdated learning systems will render our workforce ill-equipped to secure future job opportunities. Consequently, not only will individuals' livelihoods be affected, but the overall economy of the country will also bear the consequences.

In other parts of the world, intensive preparations are currently underway to address these concerns. Notably, a consortium of 350 organizations has come together under the WE Forum reskilling program, with the ambitious goal of ensuring that 1 billion people worldwide have access to improved education, skills, and economic opportunities by 2030. Remarkably, this initiative was launched well before the onset of the pandemic in 2020. Spearheaded by 64 CEOs, 32 ministers representing 16 countries, and supported by prominent entities such as Coursera, Infosys, The Lego Foundation, LinkedIn, UNICEF, and numerous other groups, this Reskilling Revolution represents a colossal undertaking. It is a collaborative effort involving business leaders, chief learning officers, online learning providers, labor unions, NGOs, education practitioners, and philanthropic organizations, all committed to driving this transformative endeavor forward.

Active participation in global initiatives like the one mentioned can bring immense benefits to our local labor force. It is crucial for both our public and private institutions to generate comparable opportunities that facilitate the rapid reskilling and upskilling of our workforce. Closing the existing skills gap is of paramount importance, as it would be devastating to wake up one day and realize that we have been left behind. Collaborating with other nations not only presents opportunities for sharing ideas and best practices but also opens doors to valuable insights and potential collaborations that can further enhance our efforts in preparing our workforce for the future.

It is imperative to assess teaching and learning strategies critically in order to incorporate enhancements that foster future-ready education. To initiate this process, we must identify areas where improvement is needed and acknowledge any existing shortcomings. Research substantiates the notion that investing in the reskilling and upskilling of the workforce holds tremendous potential, with the ability to contribute $6.5 trillion to the GDP by 2030. Furthermore, investing in future-ready education for the current generation of school children has the potential to add an additional $2.54 trillion to the economy over the same period. These findings underscore the significance of prioritizing educational advancements and underscore the substantial economic benefits that can be derived from such investments.

Numerous voices have emphasized that AI is a permanent presence in our world. Therefore, instead of succumbing to fear, it is crucial to embrace this technology and harness its potential. By capitalizing on the advantages offered by AI, we can ensure that we are equipped and prepared to evolve alongside it. This proactive approach allows us to maximize the benefits of AI and navigate the transformative changes it brings, leading to growth and progress in various domains.


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