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In the Government Strategy Index for AI, Saudi Arabia comes out on top globally.

In the Government Strategy Index for AI, Saudi Arabia comes out on top globally.

According to the Government Strategy Index for Artificial Intelligence (AI), compiled by Tortoise Intelligence, Saudi Arabia has achieved the top ranking globally. This index serves as one of the indicators for the global classification of AI.

In the same indicator, Germany secured the second position, while China attained the third position.

Tortoise Intelligence, a global company with an advisory board consisting of AI experts from various parts of the world, evaluates and assesses over 60 countries worldwide in its measurements.

The global index for AI encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of more than 100 criteria across seven key indicators. These indicators include government strategy, research and development, competencies, infrastructure, operational environment, and trade.

Saudi Arabia demonstrates excellence in its AI strategy. With its strong commitment and proactive approach, the country has made significant strides in fostering the development and adoption of artificial intelligence. This dedication is reflected in its top-ranking position in the Government Strategy Index for AI, indicating Saudi Arabia's notable achievements in shaping its AI landscape.

According to a report from the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Saudi Arabia secured the first-place ranking in the Government Strategy Index for AI. However, in the overall classification that takes into account all indicators, Saudi Arabia attained the 31st position. This indicates that while the country excels in its government strategy for AI, there is still room for improvement in other aspects measured by the classification.

According to the index criteria, Saudi Arabia achieved a perfect score of 100 percent. The criteria include several prominent factors such as having a dedicated and approved national strategy for AI, the presence of a government agency focused on AI, adequate financing and budget allocation, as well as the establishment and tracking of national targets for artificial intelligence. Saudi Arabia's exemplary performance in meeting these criteria highlights its strong commitment and comprehensive approach towards advancing AI within the country.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has established the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence (SADAIA) as the national authority responsible for all aspects related to AI, including organization, development, and engagement. SADAIA serves as the central reference point for AI initiatives, providing strategic guidance, promoting innovation, and overseeing the advancement of AI technologies within the country. With the establishment of SADAIA, Saudi Arabia demonstrates its commitment to fostering a thriving AI ecosystem and positioning itself as a leader in the field.