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How much does it cost to keep ChatGPT running on a daily basis? This is an incredible figure.

 How much does it cost to keep ChatGPT running on a daily basis? This is an incredible figure.

Samsung phones you can buy CHEAP only on this platform Company succeeds in printing the first 3D fish fillets Cybersecurity experts give tip to get the perfect password Hubble Space Telescope sees striking starry tendrils in a jellyfish galaxy ChatGPT is one of the most interesting Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies at the moment, as despite its great capabilities as a generative chatbot, the cost of running it daily is certainly not cheap.


This was revealed by SemiAnalysis analyst, Dylan Patel, who published a report on the approximate cost of running such a complex technology, as it requires a very robust infrastructure that would also consume a lot of electrical energy and thousands of dollars in maintenance.


According to the analyst, running ChatGPT has an approximate cost of $700,000 dollars per day, which could translate to about 36 cents for every question answered by this AI chatbot.

Yes, that's correct. OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, currently relies on Nvidia GPUs to power its AI algorithm processing, which is a significant expense in the long run to maintain its current business trajectory.


That's good news. Fortunately, Microsoft, one of the main investors in OpenAI, is already working on developing its own AI processors that could potentially reduce the high costs associated with running this technology. By designing custom hardware specifically optimized for AI processing, Microsoft could potentially reduce the cost of running AI algorithms, including ChatGPT, and make the technology more accessible and affordable for a wider range of applications.


According to an Insider post, Patel stated that the $700,000 estimated cost for ChatGPT's maintenance could even be lower than the current figure, as his calculations were based on the GPT-3 model, whereas the latest GPT-4 chatbot model is expected to be even more expensive to operate. This underscores the importance of continuing to explore new avenues for improving the efficiency and affordability of AI technologies, particularly as they become more widespread and integrated into our daily lives.